Who We Are

When the amazing 20-year-old shelter rescue Fred passed away in 2010, he became the inspiration for Target Zero. Three million cats and dogs, just like Fred, are euthanized in shelters across the nation every year due to overcrowding and sickness. That’s not ok.

Target Zero launched in 2013, mentoring proven-to-work Best Practices strategies to shelter leaders in Fellow Communities (at no charge) to help them get to zero euthanasia of all adoptable shelter animals. As of late 2015, Waco, TX; Huntsville, Alabama; and Brevard County, FL became TZ's first three Alumni Cities. Waco was at a 36% save rate when we arrived. Today we are in over 20 cities and seeing such incredible results and so many lives saved! 

For a deeper understanding of who we are, how we got started and what we do, please take a look through our website and we recommend reading this New York Times article.

The Engine


Values & Principles

The DNA of Target Zero.
At Target Zero, we believe that creating the right culture is as important as implementing the right strategies. The values and principles that drive everything we do are:

    We prioritize honesty, truth and integrity above everything else.
    We create trust through openness and transparency in everything we do.
    We help each other. We respectfully disagree. We participate in the Target Zero community (and beyond) productively.
    We take accountability for our own decisions and actions. We do what we say we’re going to do when we say we’re going to do it.

    We share equally in our successes and our failures.
    We acknowledge and embrace our own fallibility; we strive to learn from each and every one of our inevitable mistakes. We are fully aware that there are things we don’t yet know and have a limitless hunger to keep learning and growing every step of the way.
    We are independent thinkers who encourage a diversity of viewpoints in search of genuine truths.