Target Zero In The News

Target Zero Receives $750,000 to Help More Communities Across the U.S. Increase Lifesaving, Thanks to Maddie

Posted on: 03-02-2017
"Target Zero is a fantastic resource for communities who are wanting to achieve the lifesaving success other communities have already achieved, but may not know where or how to start," said Shelly Thompson, Director of Grants. "They work hand-in-hand with these communities to implement best practices, oftentimes helping to educate constituents and key stakeholders in their government."

New York Times: How Smart Animal Shelters Aim For 'Zero Kill'

Posted on: 12-22-2015
If these approaches were saving the lives of so many animals, why wasn’t everyone using them? The answer: somebody needed to identify the best practices, assemble them in an easy-to-understand program, and set out to deliver them systematically to where they were most needed.

Changing Minds, Taking Partners to Save Dogs and Cats in the Waco Area

Posted on: 05-17-2015
Through a strong partnership between the city of Waco, the Humane Society of Central Texas, animal welfare groups such as Fuzzy Friends and the Animal Birth Control Clinic, the city animal shelter has gone from a paltry 36 percent rate of stray and unwanted shelter animals being adopted or fostered in late 2012 to more than 90 percent this year (and 92 percent last month).

Grant Aims to Control 60,000 Feral Cats in Osceola County

Posted on: 02-13-2018

ST. CLOUD, Fla. - Many counties in central Florida are dealing with a growing feral cat population. In Osceola County, leaders hope a new six-figure solution will help get things under control.

"[We had] hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of kittens pouring into the shelter," said animal control director Kim Staton.

In her 30 years of doing this, Staton believes the feral cat population...

Lafayette Animal Shelter Making Strides Towards No Kill Goal

Posted on: 08-14-2017
On Friday, August 11, Lafayette Mayor-President Joel Robideaux signed into law an ordinance passed by the Lafayette City-Parish Council which significantly lowers adoption fees and also allows for a feline Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) program. Both the reduced adoption fees and the implementation of a TNR program were recommendations by Target Zero, a national nonprofit which assists local...

Humane Society: Saving More Pet Lives in Municipal Shelters

Posted on: 07-07-2017
Last week, I was traveling in Effingham and Bulloch counties with Target Zero, a national organization that provides practical advice to communities that want to decrease euthanasia in their shelters, with a focus on government-funded shelters.

Target Zero Starts Work In Thomas County,

Posted on: 06-29-2017

Thomas County and Thomasville are starting on a road that could lead to a drastic reduction in euthanizations at the animal shelter.

Target Zero, an organization that seeks to reduce euthanizations at its partner shelters to less than 10 percent of the animal population, has started its assessment of the community and the shelter and will make recommendations on what steps to take next.

Anderson County's No Kill Transition

Posted on: 06-19-2017
Last fall some important changes were made in the operation of the shelter. Target Zero did a consultation. The changes have been dramatically successful and the shelter’s live release rate is running at 92% so far in 2017.